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           Village Taxes will be due in June.  Taxes will be able to be paid at the Village Office during regular office hours or by mail at PO Box 392, Cherry Valley, NY  13320.  This year we are also offering the option of payment of taxes by credit card or electronic check.  To use this option enter this link into your web browser,                                                   
complete a search using any of the options shown.  This will bring you to a page with your Property Information.  You will see a button at the bottom of your property information page marked "Make Payment".  Please note that partial payments cannot be made using this method.
          You can also use this link to look up information on your Village Tax Bill.  To see information on your Town Tax Bill go to the Navigation Box and click on Home.  When you are on the home page you will click on Otsego and on the next page click on Cherry Valley in the Town List.

Notice from Senator Seward re: STAR exemption

you are a homeowner who receives a Basic STAR exemption (not the Enhanced STAR for senior citizens) for your school property taxes, you will need to register with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance to keep getting the STAR exemption in 2014 and beyond. This is part of a new effort to eliminate fraud and protect property taxpayers.
Beginning this month, the State Tax Department will mail detailed instructions to all current Basic STAR recipients on how to register. The letter will include a personalized code that homeowners will need to register on-line or over the phone. The registration process will simply require homeowners to provide some basic information to confirm their eligibility for the STAR program.
This is a one-time process. Basic STAR recipients will not need to re-register every year. Senior citizens who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption are not affected by the new registration requirement.
A complete fact sheet is available on my website – click here.

A recent state comptroller’s report showed that taxpayers are being cheated out of tens of millions of dollars every year by individuals who are fraudulently obtaining STAR exemptions for their properties. This statewide accountability effort will help end that abuse. Most homeowners are doing the right thing, but when someone takes advantage of the system everyone else has to pay more in taxes. That’s not fair or legal.
If you have additional questions, please contact my office.
P.S. If you are not currently receiving the Basic STAR exemption, I urge you to file an application with your local assessor and start taking advantage of this tax-saving tool.

Draft Land Use Documents

Download the draft land use document here (PDF, 1.1MB)

Note: this document was updated and placed on the website on 3/17/2011. (PDF 420kb)

Also available: the draft land use map here (PDF, 94kb)

No All Night Parking

There is NO parking on any village street allowed between the hours of 2 am and 7 am, October 1st to May 1st. Vehicles in violation of this will be towed at the owner's expense.

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