Newsletter to be sent with January 2015 water bills.

January 1, 2015 – Newsletter (Village Office – 264-3791) NO All Night Parking – Reminder - There is no parking allowed on any street within the Village during the hours of 2 am to 7 am during the period of October 1st to May 1st. Garbage Collection Information – Garbage Cans must be used. This will be enforced. If your garbage is not in a can when placed out for pickup any animal can get into it and make a mess. Therefore, beginning with the January 29th pickup, if you place your garbage out for pickup by the village garbage contractor and do not have your garbage in a can, it will not be picked up.************ Pickup of Ashes – Ashes will be picked up by the garbage collector or the village IF they are not hot and in a clear bag, pellet bag, or another type that distinguishes that they are ashes. Card Board Boxes – All boxes must be broken down/flattened out. You may tie them together but do not put them into a bigger box. Sidewalk Clearing - Please try to keep the sidewalks adjacent to your home clear of snow and ice, without shoveling snow onto the village streets, adjacent sidewalks or your neighbor’s property. The Village DPW will do what they can to keep the sidewalks clear, but it is up to you to make sure they are maintained. Please make sure, when the Department of Public Works employee comes around to clear the sidewalks: Garbage Cans and vehicles must not be blocking the walks. Vehicles will be towed. Town Taxes – May be paid at the home of the collector, 3 Quarry Street during the hours of 4 to 6 pm on Wed. & Thurs during the month of January, (other times by chance or appointment) or at the village office at 2 Genesee St. (with receipt mailed to you if you desire one) Monday through Thursday 9 am to 12 noon, or by mail (P.O. Box 474). Next Village Meeting Dates Mon., January 19, 2014 at the Clerk’s Office, Mon., February 16th 2 Genesee St. Mon., March 16th @ 7 pm Beautification Awards – This July the beautification awards will be slightly different, with three prizes going to residential properties and one to commercial. Prizes are awarded for beautification, upkeep, improvements … with a plaque and money. Though the award is handled through the village, no village taxpayer’s money is used; funding is from a donation given to us by a very generous person who” loves to see Cherry Valley looking beautiful.” Town of Cherry Valley Dog Law SECTION 5: Restrictions: It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog in the Town to permit or allow such dog to: (a) Run at large unless the dog is accompanied by its owner or a responsible person and under the full control of such owner or person. For the purpose of the Local Law, a dog or dogs hunting in the company of a hunter or hunters shall be considered as accompanied by its owner. (b) Engage in habitual and loud howling, barking, crying or shining or conduct as town reasonably and habitually disturb the comfort or repose of any person other than of such dog. (c) Uproot, digs, or otherwise damages any vegetables, lawns, flowers, garden beds, or other property without the consent or approval of the owner. (d) Chase, jump upon or at or otherwise harass any person in such manner as to reasonable cause intimidation or fear or to put such person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm. (e) Habitually chase, run alongside of or bark at motor vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles while on a public street, highway, or place, or upon private property without the consent or approval of the owner of such property. (f) Create a nuisance by defecating, urinating or digging on public property, or on private property without the consent or approval of the owner of such property. (g) If a female dog, when in heat, be off the owner’s premises, unrestrained by a leash. Dog Control Officer – Jaird Johnson @ 264-3211.